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Trimming Press Voronezh K 2538

Year of Production: 1983 

Technical parameters:
Capacity: 630 tons
Develops Nominal Capacity: 16 mm
Slider Stroke: 320 mm
Slider Strokes: 20 spm
Max. Distance Between Table and Slider: 800 mm
Distance Adjustment Between Table and Slider: 180 mm
Table Size: 1250 x 1250 mm
Slider Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 mm
Opening in the Table: 800 x 800 mm
Thickness of Bolster: 180 mm
Cushion Stroke: 130 mm
Main Motor Power: 58 kW
Machine Dimensions: 3280 x 3470 x 6190 mm
Machine Weight: 55500 kg

Knuckle Joint Press Model KB 8334

Year of Production: 1992

Technical parameters:
Capacity: 250 tons
Nominal Gain: 2500 kN
Slider Stroke: 120 mm
The Frequency of the Continuous strokes of the slide: 60 min-1
Slider Stroke to its lowest position:
- with the development of a nominal force of 1.2 mm
- with the development of an effort 25% of the nominal 15 mm
The Distance Between the die plate and the slide in its lower position with the upper position of adjustment: 300 mm
Adjustable Distance Between the Die Plate and the Slide:
Sizes of Stamped Plate: From Left to Right 400 mm, Front Back 400 mm
Slider Size Front-Back: 320 mm
Ejector Stroke: top 16 mm, bottom 70 mm
Ejector Force: top 25 kN, bottom 80 kN
Power Consumption by the Control System: 7.3 kW
Working Pressure of Compressed Air: 0.45 MPa
Air Consumption, m3 / stroke 0.009
Dimensions: Left to Right - 1760 mm, Front Back - 1130 mm
Height Above the Floor: 2600 mm
Weight: 5515 kg


Year of Production: 1974

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Kramatorsk 1A665

Technical Parameters:
Maximum Work-Piece Diameter: Over bed - 1600 mm, Over support - 1250 mm
Minimum Work-Piece Diameter: 320 mm
Diameter Between Centers: 8000 mm
Opening in spindle: 80 mm
Thread cutting: Metric (step)- 1-96 mm, Inch (threads per 1")- 20-3/8
Maximum Conicity: 0,15
Maximum Work-Piece Weight: 40 tons
Turn Angle of Upper Support Part: 90 deg
Spindle Rotation Frequency: 1,26-160 rpm
Rapid Travel of Tailstock: 3100 mm/min
Rapid Travel of Support: 2000 mm/min
Longitudinal Feed of Support: 0,064-3,26 mm/rev
The Ratio of Longitudinal to Transversal Feed: 2
Maximum Working Length Over Support: 8000 mm
Cutting Force: 16 tons
Cutting Length: 5800 mm
Main Drive Electric Motor Power: 75 kW
Dimensions: Length - 14520 mm, Width - 2965 mm, Height - 2330 mm, Weight: 60300 kg

Heavy Screw-Cutt​ing Lathe Machine KRAMATORSK Model 1A665

Machine is in good condition, under power and working.

Technical parameters:
Maximum Work Piece Diameter: 1840 mm
Maximum Work Piece Length: 8000 mm
Maximum Work Piece Weight: 40000 kg
Minimum Work Piece Diameter: 320 mm
Maximum Work Piece Diameter Above Support: 1490 mm
Center Height: 1000 mm
Rapid Support Movement: 2 m/min
Rapid Movement of Tail-stock: 3,9 m/min
Face-plate Diameter: 1600 mm
Threading: metric - 1...96, inch - 20...3/8
Spindle Speed Range, rpm 1,26...160
Spindle Torque (6,3 rpm), 7500 kgm
Main Motor Power: 75 kW
Required Power: 110 kW
Quill Diameter: 360 mm
Quill Movement: 360 mm
Machine Dimensions: 14520 x 2965 x 2330 mm
Machine Weight: 61000 kg

Duty Lathe Machine SKODA SUT 200 TD x 35000 

Year of Production: 1984 

Technical parameters:
Diameter: 2000 mm
Length: 35 000 mm

Gear Hobbing Machine 5B370

Machine is in good condition, under power and working.

Technical parameters:
Gear Wheels Diameter: 50..500 mm
Maximum Milling Length of Straight-toothed gear wheels: 2500 mm
Maximum Length Work piece: 2800 mm
Maximum Work piece Weight: 4000 kg
Maximum Module: 25
Numbers of Teeth: 6..200
Dimensions: 7600 x 2890 x 2170 mm
Weight: 27000 kg

Thread Milling & Hobbing Machines HECKERT ZFWVG 250 x 5000

Machine are in very good condition and under the power.

Technical parameters:
Work piece Diameter Over Bed: 500 mm
Work piece Diameter Over Saddle: 250 mm
Center Height Over Bed: 260 mm
Threading Length: 5000 mm
Spindle Bore: 102 mm
Module : 10

Horizontal  Boring Machine  UNION  BFP125

Year of Production: 1993, NEW!

Technical Parameters:
Spindle Diameter: 125 mm
Spindle Taper MT
Table Size: 1400 x 1600 mm
Table Traver: 1250 mm
Floor Plates: 6000 x 3500 x 350 mm

Vertical Boring Machine TITAN SC 22

The machine is in good and working condition.

Year of Manufacturing: 1989

Technical parameters:
Swing: 2200 mm
FacePlate Diameter: 2000 mm
Working Height: 1500 mm
Table Capacity: 12000 kg
Machine Weight: 32000 kg
Machine Dimensions: 4600 x 4300 x 4200 mm

Horizontal Boring Machine UNION BFT 130/6

Technical Parameters:
Table Capacity: 8000 Kg
Table: 1800 x 2000 mm
X-Axis Travel: 2750 mm
Y-Axis Travel: 2500 mm
Z-Axis Travel (without a rest): 2330 mm
Z-Axis Travel (with a rest): 1710 mm
W-Axis Travel: 1000 mm

Vertical Boring Machine 1L532

Year of Manufacturing: 1988

Machine Condition: Very good condition.

Machine Parameters:
Turning Diameter: 3200 mm
Faceplate's Diameter: 2800 mm
Turning Height: 1600 mm
Work piece’s Weight: 16000 Kg
Main Drive Power: 55 kW
Machine Dimensions: 5485 x 6000 x 4910 mm
Machine Weight: 43 000 Kg

Thread Grinding Machine MATRIX 71

Technical parameters:
Maximum Work Piece Diameter: 762 mm
Maximum Diameter over Bed: 609.6 mm
Maximum Grinding Length: 1778 mm
Distance Between Centers: 2286 mm
Range of Module: 1.27-15.2 mm
Weight: 9144 Kg

Universal Tool Grinding Machine WALTER HELI-CENTER GC8 – CNC 

Year of production: 1991 

Technical parameters:
CNC Axes: 8
X/Y/Z Travels: 800/300/300 mm
Tool champing taper: ISO 50
Radial Cutter Length: 300 mm
Work piece’s Diameter: 260 mm
Weight: 5300 Kg

Grinding Machine HAUSER SIP S 40 CNC

Year of Production: 1986

Manufacturer:  SWISS

Machine Condition: Very good condition and under the power with full equipment.

Crankshaft Grinding Machine HERCULES WS 180 x 2500

(Control System CNC SIEMENS) 

Technical parameters:
Crankshaft's Length: 2500 mm
Crankshaft's Diameter: 500 mm
Work piece’s Weight in rests: 1500 Kg
Grinding Wheel: 700 x 70 x 304,8 mm
Area: 4000 x 9000 mm

Crankshaft Grinding Machine HERCULES WS 450 x 3500 

(Control System CNC)

Technical parameters:
Crankshaft's Length: 3500 mm
Crankshaft's Diameter: 1000 mm
Work piece’s Weight in rests: 6000 Kg
Grinding Wheel: 800 x 80 x 304,8 mm
Area: 13900 x 5100 mm

Hot Forging Press KOMATSU CAH1000 Japan

Technical parameters:
Capacity: 1000 tons
Slide Stroke: 240 mm
Shut Height: 650 mm
Wedge Adjustment: 10mm
Number of Slide Strokes: 100 rpm
Slide Bottom Face Size (Left to right x Front to Back): 800 x 800 mm
Bed Top Face Size (Left to right x Front to Back): 900 x 1000 mm

Hydraulic Press Model P 152 with manipulator

Technical parameters:
Capacity: 800 tons
Table width: 1200 mm
Table length: 2400 mm
Dimensions: 14500 x 9600 x 6850 mm
Nominal force: 8000 kN
The distance between the table and the slide: 2000 mm
Slider stroke: 1000 mm
Weight: 78000 kg

Shearing Press ERFURT  Model ScPK I 315

Technical Parameters:
Capacity: 315 tons
Stroke:  30 spm per min
Stroke Size: 70 mm

Billet Shear ERFURT ScKU 500

Year of Production:  1991

Machine Condition: Very good condition!

Technical Parameters:
Length of Roller Track: 6000 mm
Length of Blades: 420 mm
Shearing Power: 500 tons
Stroke: 100 mm
Speed: 40/1 min