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Thread Grinding Machine MATRIX 71

Technical parameters:
Maximum Work Piece Diameter: 762 mm
Maximum Diameter over Bed: 609.6 mm
Maximum Grinding Length: 1778 mm
Distance Between Centers: 2286 mm
Range of Module: 1.27-15.2 mm
Weight: 9144 Kg

Universal Tool Grinding Machine WALTER HELI-CENTER GC8 – CNC 

Year of production: 1991 

Technical parameters:
CNC Axes: 8
X/Y/Z Travels: 800/300/300 mm
Tool champing taper: ISO 50
Radial Cutter Length: 300 mm
Work piece’s Diameter: 260 mm
Weight: 5300 Kg

Grinding Machine HAUSER SIP S 40 CNC

Year of Production: 1986

Manufacturer:  SWISS

Machine Condition: Very good condition and under the power with full equipment.

Crankshaft Grinding Machine HERCULES WS 180 x 2500

(Control System CNC SIEMENS) 

Technical parameters:
Crankshaft's Length: 2500 mm
Crankshaft's Diameter: 500 mm
Work piece’s Weight in rests: 1500 Kg
Grinding Wheel: 700 x 70 x 304,8 mm
Area: 4000 x 9000 mm

Crankshaft Grinding Machine HERCULES WS 450 x 3500 

(Control System CNC)

Technical parameters:
Crankshaft's Length: 3500 mm
Crankshaft's Diameter: 1000 mm
Work piece’s Weight in rests: 6000 Kg
Grinding Wheel: 800 x 80 x 304,8 mm
Area: 13900 x 5100 mm